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It's the first hot day of summer and you just got in your car and go to turn on your A/C. A stream of warm air proceeds to blow out at you for the next 30 minutes of your drive. This is the most uncomfortable position to get stuck in during a summer. Franz will fully repair/service your air conditioning system so it is working at full strength. 

Each year you go without air conditioning maintenance results in a decrease of efficiency by about 5%. The bottom line is that your air conditioning could be performing at a level that is much lower than much older models if you have not had proper maintenance done. It is possible to restore your a/c power back to original form. With newer technology being used in cars and light trucks, the systems can get complex. Don't try and repair this yourself. Schedule an appointment at Franz so our trained professionals can help you restore that cold air flow back to your driving experience. 

The following is a list of major components that are common among A/C systems:

  • Functions by compressing refrigerant gas and pushing it into the condensor. This component recieves power from the belt.

  • When the refrigerant comes into the condensor, it gets cooled. The way this works is by mitigating heat given off by compressed gases. These gases are turned to high pressure liquids. You will find the condenser right in front of the engine cooling radiator.

Receiver (Drier):
  • Holds refrigerant in a metal container. Its main function is to make sure no dirt particles or harmful chemicals are in the refrigerant and it absorbs moisture. Proper maintenance means changing the drier every 3 years to prevent damage from happening to your system.

Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve:
  • You  may also know this as the expansion valve. Its basic function is to control the flow of refrigerant throughout the system. Also, it changes higher pressure liquid into low pressure liquid that can be used by the evaporator.

  • The last part of your AC system is the evaporator. Its main function is to dissipate heat that builds up in your vehicle. It allows refrigerant to absorb heat. When that happens, a vapor is formed. This vapor gets removed by the compressor and cools the car/reduces humidity. Since the evaporator comes into contact with refrigerant the most, it is exposed to the most chemicals and becomes susceptible to damage the quickest.

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